Table of Contents

How to contribute to Docs/Website #

./docs directory is used as markdown source files using blackfriday to render Thanos website resources.

However the aim for those is to also have those *.md files renderable and usable (including links) via GitHub.

To make that happen we use following rules and helpers that are listed here

Front Matter #

Front Matter is essential on top of every markdown file if you want to link this file into any menu/submenu option. We use YAML formatting. This will render in GitHub as markdown just fine:

title: <titke>
type: ...
weight: <weight>
menu: <where to link files in>  # This also is refered in permalinks.

Aim is to match linking behavior in website being THE SAME as Github. This means:

  • For files in Hugo dir (so ./docs). Put slug: /<filename with extension>
  • For any sub dir add to website/hugo.yaml new dir as key permalinks: with <dir>: /<dir>/

Then everywhere use native markdown absolute path to the project repository if you want to link to exact commit e.g:


Small post processing script adjusts link for Hugo rendering.

NOTE: Spaces matters so: [xxx]( link and [xxx] (link will not work.


  • Links works on GitHub
  • Links works on website
  • Markdown plugins works as expected (e.g IDE integrations)
  • We use liche to test links.

Sections/Menu #

New menus .Site.Menus are added as soon as some file has Front Matter with certain menu.

Keep menu the same as sub-directory the file is in. This will help to manage all docs.

Show new menu section in main page by changing website/layouts/_default/baseof.html file.

Logos #

We’d love to showcase your company’s logo on our main page and README! Requirements for the company:

  • it is using Thanos on production
  • it is a legal registered company
  • it is happy to announce that you use Thanos publicly

If all those are met, add yourself in website/data/sponsors.yml like so:

- name: My Awesome Company
  logo: company.png

Copy your company’s logo in website/static/logos, make sure it follows these rules:

  • Rectangle shape
  • Greyscale is preferred but color is fine
  • Keep it under 50KB

and create PR against Thanos master branch.

Testing #

PR testing #

On every PR we build the website and on success display the link to the preview under the checks at the bottom of the github PR.

Local testing #

To test the changes to the docs locally just start serving the website by running the following command and you will be able to access the website on localhost:1313 by default:

make web-serve

Deployment #

We use Netlify for hosting. We are using Open Source license (PRO). Thanks Netlify for this!

On every commit to master netlify runs CI that invokes make web (defined in netlify.toml)

NOTE: Check for status badge in README for build status on the page.

If master build for netlify succeed, the new content is published automatically.