Community #

Thanos is an open source project from the very first commit. We always value and welcome new contributors and members of the community. Here are ways to get in touch with the community:

Social Media and Announcements #

Follow and interact with us on Twitter: @ThanosMetrics

Thanos Community Office Hours #

Thanos Community Office Hour (previously Contributor Office Hour) is a public weekly meeting focused on Thanos community, development and contributions. It’s meant for users, developers and maintainers to meet and get unblocked, pair review, and discuss development aspects of Thanos and related projects. Everyone is welcome to join & add items to the agenda. CoC applies.

NOTE: If no agenda items will be added 1h before the meeting, the meeting will be cancelled.

Slack #

Prometheus Communication Channels #

Since we are active Prometheus contributors and, some of us, maintainers we are also available on Prometheus IRC and email-list channels

Prometheus Community & Ecosystem Meetings #

The Prometheus & The Ecosystem community meeting is intended to provide a holistic overview of community activities, critical release information, and governance updates for Prometheus & the Ecosystem projects.

Thanos Maintainers regularly join and give announcements and updates.

Meeting details:

Mentorships #

We participate in periodic mentorship programs. Read more here.

Further Questions #

Feel free to contact any of the Maintainers

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