Table of Contents

Core Maintainers of this repository #

Bartłomiej Pł
Frederic Signals
Giedrius Statkevič Statkevičius@GiedriusSVinted
Lucas Servén Marí Hat
Prem Saraswat@onpremRed Hat
Matthias Signals
Ben Web Services
Matej Gera@matej-gCoralogix
Filip Petkovski@fpetkovskiShopify
Saswata Hat
Michael Hoffmann@MichaHoffmannCloudflare

We are bunch of people from different companies with various interests and skills. We are from different parts of the world: Germany, Holland, Lithuania, US, UK and India. We have something in common though: We all share the love for OpenSource, Go, Prometheus, ☕ and Observability topics.

As either Software Developers or SRE (or both!) we’ve chosen to maintain (mostly in our free time) Thanos, the de facto way to scale awesome Prometheus project.

Feel free to contact us (preferably on Slack) anytime for feedback, questions or 🍻/☕/🍵.

Especially feedback, please share if you have ideas what we can do better!

You can reach us under email.

Triage #

We also have some nice souls that help triaging issues and PRs. See here for details about the role’s permission.

Full list of triage persons is displayed below:

Adrien Fillon@Adrien F@adrien-f
Ian Billett@billett@bill3ttRed Hat
Martin Chodur@FUSAKLA@fusakla
Michael Dai@jojohappy@jojohappy
Xiang Dai@daixiang0@daixiang0
Jimmie Han@hanjm@hanjmTencent
Douglas Camata@douglascamata@douglascamataRed Hat

Please reach any of the maintainer on slack or email if you want to help as well.

Triage labels #

To improve navigating through issues and PRs we introduce various labels. Part of triaging process for Triage and Maintainers is to adjust those labels if needed manual. The Prow system can automate a portion of this in future.

The main labels are:

Component #

component: * and website/docs labels indicate an area related to the change or issue.

Difficulty #

difficulty: easy|medium|hard labels indicate the approximate difficulty for the change (in terms of reviewing) or the issue (in terms of addressing).

This helps to also estimate how long it can potentially take to review the PR or address the issue with this label.

Help wanted #

help wanted label should be present if the issue is not really assigned (or the PR has to be reviewed) and we are looking for the volunteers (:

Good first issue #

good first issue is similar as help wanted but present only on the issues when it’s newcomer friendly. This means:

  • issue has a clear acceptance criteria
  • issue has limited scope
  • issue is well described

Priority #

priority: P0 should be assigned for the changes or the issues that are critical and should be addressed in first order.

State #

Github shows some basic states, but sometimes PR is stale due to requested changes, but it’s not clear from first glance. That’s why state: changes-requested is helpful on those.

Other #

Self explanatory ones:

  • question label indicates an issue with question.
  • proposal label indicates an issue / PR with official proposal.
  • duplicate
  • feature request / improvement
  • bug and bugfix

Storage plugins maintainers #

Maintainers of bucket storage clients are available here

How to be maintainer? #

Any contributor that shows effort and willingness in maintaining Thanos repository can join maintainer team.

Open Source is all about the trust, which is the key factor in decision to add write permissions.

In time we plan to set up maintainers team that will be organization independent. Reach us if you have any questions or want to join maintainer team.

Initial authors #

Fabian Reinartz @fabxc and Bartłomiej Płotka @bwplotka

Previous Maintainers #

Dominic Green, Povilas Versockas, Marco Pracucci