Thanos at Medallia: A Hybrid Architecture Scaled to Support 1 Billion+ Series Across 40+ Data Centers

Written by Anugrah Vijay and Vic Thomas and published on Nov 09, 2022

Disclaimers Anugrah and Vic are Medallia employees. However, the opinions expressed here are their own, and not necessarily endorsed by Medallia or their co-workers. References to “we” in this article pertain either to Anugrah and Vic specifically or to generalized experiences of the observability engineering team at Medallia. Introduction At Medallia, we successfully operate a hybrid Thanos architecture that allows our users to experience high-performance queries of software and infrastructure metrics generated across 10 large colocation data centers and 30+ small virtual data centers via a single pane of glass.

Welcome to Thanos Blog Space!

Written by Thanos Team and published on Nov 07, 2022

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